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Release 0.5.0

Jeff Lindsay
July 6, 2023

Tags, templates, and table view

Treehouse now supports tags and templates! For example, you can now create a template node with children and fields, name it "book", then any node tagged with #book will automatically get those fields and children. To turn a node into a template, select "Make Template" from the Command Palette. You can also tag nodes without an equivalent template. Tagging is done by simply adding hashtags to a node's text.

You can search for tagged nodes in the search bar using the hashtag notation (#book), however there is a known issue preventing you from searching for nodes by tag in Smart Nodes. This will be resolved in the next release, and in main much sooner.

You can now take a list of nodes with fields and turn them into an easy-to-scan table. Simply go to the parent node of the rows, open the Command Palette with Command+K, and choose "View as Table". We'll be adding more features to the table view in coming releases.

Double-quoted search terms now allow spaces and search results are a little tighter now. Last but not least we've added cut, copy, and paste commands for nodes, making it easier to duplicate and move nodes around.

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Enhancements and Chores

  • Tags and templates #206
  • Cut/copy/paste nodes #194
  • Table view for nodes #106, #120
  • Support field search terms containing spaces #153
  • Link to documentation from within Treehouse #175


  • Search bug when capitalizing search term #217
  • Search is behaving too broadly when matching #197
  • Support multiple concurrent dialogs #203
  • Support editing "Calendar" node without Today making a new one #232

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