A lightweight note-taking tool to make your own

An open source note-taking frontend to extend and customize. Bring your own backend or configure a built-in backend to get started.


Treehouse is in early development. View release 0.7.0 →

Simple note-taking out of the box

Fields and Smart Nodes

Add metadata, then create a custom search view.

Quick Add and Daily Notes

Quickly add notes organized by date.

Full-Text Search

Quick, intuitive search that can be extended.

Quick development setup

The project is lightweight and uses Deno as the JavaScript toolchain. Get up and running in seconds.

1. Clone the repository

Open in GitHub or use the command below to clone it with Git.

git clone https://github.com/treehousedev/treehouse.git

2. Start the dev server

Run locally with the built-in development server.

deno task serve

Bring your own backend

We include several backend options, but you can build your own for different scenarios and requirements.


Keep your data where you want, how you want it. Use the filesystem or put it in the cloud.

Custom search

If our full-text search isn't powerful enough, plug-in your own indexer. Pull in results from external tools if you want!


Optional pluggable authentication lets you use cloud platforms or integrate with your company authentication.

Learn about the project

Read our blog and devlog series to follow along with the development process.

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