Branching Out

Notes from the Treehouse

Release 0.1.0

Jeff Lindsay
March 3, 2023

It begins...

This first development release captures core functionality of the frontend to the point of being internally usable in the demo deployment. For developers, the project source layout, architecture, and backend API is defined in broad strokes in the right direction but is by no means stable.

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Initial Functionality

  • Basic outliner
  • Commands, menus, keybindings
  • Workspace model
  • Navigation tree
  • Command palette
  • Multi-view panels
  • Calendar/today notes
  • Quick add notes
  • Full-text search using Minisearch
  • Localstorage backend
  • GitHub backend


  • Implemented OS detection for registering different keybindings #1
  • Don't collapse new nested node #3
  • Hitting tab on plus sign should create an indented node #4
  • Improve cursor location when manually deleting a node #5
  • Improve backspace behavior when cursor is at the beginning of a node #6
  • Add keyboard shortcut to zoom #8
  • Allow editing title node #9
  • Hide root node #10
  • Clean up sidebar text #11
  • Remember node expansion state #19
  • Typography updates #21


  • Enable text wrapping for nodes #2
  • Highlight to delete for nested node gives a TypeError #12
  • Hitting return mid-node copies contents instead of moving #17
  • Quick Add formatting issue #18
  • Error logging in with GitHub #22
  • Node content disappears when it loses focus #24
  • Display issue w/ icons overlapping search bar #26

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