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Release 0.2.0

Jeff Lindsay
March 27, 2023

New design system, GitHub session locking, and documentation

This release is a refinement of our initial release, fixing a number of bugs and adding interaction improvements. The look and feel of the UI was also updated with the start of a new CSS design system based on custom properties. Session locking was added for the live demo and GitHub backend so multiple devices/browsers/tabs don't clobber changes of each other. Documentation also got an upgrade with the start of a full guide on the website.

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  • Autosave error when switching between devices #32
  • Deleting a node doesn't delete child nodes #25
  • Hitting return should produce a new node directly below the above node #29
  • TypeError exception when switching back from new panel #65
  • Support emojis #52

Enhancements and Chores

  • Typography and layout improvements to application #37
  • Add keyboard shortcut to move nodes up or down #28
  • Prevent backspace to delete if there are child nodes #15
  • Allow renaming the workspace #23
  • Clicking outside of the search bar/command palette should close it #48
  • Workspace/workbench separation #39
  • Add API docs #34
  • Set up versioned library bundle #41
  • Allow backspace to delete an empty child node #53
  • Save last location on reloads #54
  • Hide buttons to move a panel up/down #49

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