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Release 0.4.0

Jeff Lindsay
June 19, 2023

Mobile support and CSS themes

In this release we focused on making Treehouse more powerful and enjoyable to use from more places. Editing text on mobile is always a tricky prospect, but we've taken our first step to being mobile-friendly with customized navigation and easier touch targets.

White background a bit too bright? We've added several built-in themes (including sepia and dark mode) and we've made it super easy to create your own CSS themes using our component variables.

Otherwise, lots of quality of life improvements as usual, especially for fields and Smart Nodes.

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Enhancements and Chores

  • Support setting a theme in the UI, and custom CSS themes #168, #122
  • Mobile improvements: new navigation and improved interactivity #114, #115
  • Allow partial phrase match for command palette search #148
  • UX improvements for search nodes #134
  • Only show new-node plus sign if a node is expanded and has no children #149
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to command palette #129
  • Prevent turning nodes with children into search nodes #161
  • Support multiple workflows for creating fields #152
  • Show visual indicator when search node is collapsed #150
  • Consolidate search logic #159
  • Consolidate overlays with dialog element #158
  • Support multiple workflows for creating fields#152


  • Backspace behavior on fields should be predictable #130
  • Don't collapse above node when outdenting #131
  • Backspacing from beginning of node deletes children #151
  • Prevent edit interactions on search node #105

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