User Guide

Smart Nodes

Smart Nodes allow you to create an auto-updating search of all the nodes in your workspace. Simply type your search term, or use the format "fieldname:valuename" to filter specifically by field values. The Smart Node will update automatically as your node content changes. This is a simple but super powerful way to view your data in new configurations.

To create a Smart Node:

  1. Create a new node where you want your Smart Node, and type your search value
  2. Use Command/Control + K to open the command palette, and choose "Create Smart Node"

Tips for using Smart Nodes

  • You can filter on multiple fieldname values (using AND, not OR) like so: "fieldname:valuename fieldname:valuename" etc.
  • If your fieldname has spaces, put quotes around it (fieldname:"Value name")
  • Search terms are case-insensitive

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