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Your Workspace is your top level node, which all other nodes are nested under.

Learn how to manage and edit your nodes.


You can add a new node in a few ways.

  1. Hit ENTER on your keyboard and start typing.
  2. Click into the blank area next to the plus symbol and start typing.


  • Indent a node using TAB ↹
  • Outdent a node using SHIFT + TAB ⇧ ↹


  • Move a node up with SHIFT + COMMAND + UP ARROW ⇧ ⌘ ↑
  • Move a node down with SHIFT + COMMAND + DOWN ARROW ⇧

Expand or collapse a node

If a node bullet has an outline around it, that’s an indication that it has nested content that is currently hidden. Click the node to expand it.

Click an expanded node once to collapse it.

Node menu

When you hover over a node, you’ll see a menu to the left of the node bullet. Click it to access node options, such as indent/outdent, open in a panel, etc.

Node formatting

Currently, all nodes are formatted as plain text. You can, however, add a checkbox to a node. With a node selected, open the command palette (⌘ K) and select "Add checkbox".


Double click a node to zoom in.

Side-by-side (Panel) view

To view two nodes side-by-side:

Open the node you want to be in the righthand panel. From its menu, choose “Open in New Panel”.

You can close or expand either panel to return to a single panel view.

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